Ask Larry Tey Por Yee, an investor in entrepreneurs, what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Start early!

Good articles shall be shared to inspire the next generation of leaders. That is my impression of the legendary entrepreneur Larry Tey Por Yee, an out spoken straight forward person with endless ambitions. The founder of Nexgram Group, and dozens of other silent investments in both public and private companies, Larry is an ordinary person with not so ordinary business journey, and an amazing generous hearth when comes to business decisions. Perhaps his generosity determines his success as well as his failures in his investment career. Larry told us his view on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, a generous session the author appreciates and felt guilty not to share.

Start Early, Start Young, Start Now. Move On.

Considering the start ups and entrepreneur this media shy businessman had nurtured behind the scene with stunning impact on not only Asian technology companies but businesses across 4 continents since the birth of the Internet in the 90’s. As a journalist, I have to give some credits and do something to tell the untold stories, where Larry had contributed so much to the society behind the scene and left untold. Out of hundreds of investments, a handful few ungrateful investees had bite the hand who feeds them, which brought his name to my attention. It’s amazing how this visionary leader perceives his failed investments and his view towards his investees – “Forgive the weak ones, move on”, commented Larry. It’s just that simple, and it blown my mind how business leaders view the world differently.


Larry was a rare pioneer in early stage investment since year 1997, where Asian countries were hit by one of the worst economy crisis. The angel investor back then were lone fighters, compared to technology venture capitalist today where many carrying the title with the support and back up of government linked funds (other people’s money). In those days in the 90’s, angels burn the investment on private money. History would count this visionary investment guru foresight which brought him to his own success as an example of 21st century entrepreneurship.


Larry through the re-investment of his capital has invested in over 1,000 start ups to date, a whopping scope and scale rarely few entrepreneur would dare to match, a bold way of doing business in today’s competitive market. Information is no more a privilege, where there are no room for blue ocean nor innovation, except red ocean and blood bath, followed by countless replicas. One of Larry’s instinct is the believes in early stage education and training. Start young, start early, start now. This was perfectly fits with some of the studies could be found on the Internet such as this one. How early does Larry meant?

According to Entrepreneur Media, there are 8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids. Here is what made pre-school teaching important and start really early.

Super Hero Boy

Children are told many things on a daily basis. Too many. Sit up straight. Chew with your mouth closed. Say “please” and “thank you.” Often, they’re so busy listening to the boss, or facing the consequences for not, that they don’t learn to be their own boss.

If you think your kids aren’t fantasizing about calling the shots for once, you’re dreaming. The sweet independence of being your own boss is what entrepreneurship is all about. That’s why kids and entrepreneurial-ism are such an excellent match. It practically comes natural to them.

But, like learning to tie their shoes or to ride a bike, when it comes to fostering your children’s entrepreneurial spirit, they’ll need a guiding nudge here and there from you. From coaching them to see obstacles as opportunities, to — sorry, kids — making them stick to their chores, from letting them play (aka learn) to their hearts’ content, to encouraging them to voice their opinions, there are lots of things you can do to get your kiddos on their autonomous way.

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